Exchange Archive

2021 Exchange Themes

2019 Exchange Themes

January: What I Collect or Why I Collect

February: Valentines

March: Hedi Kyle Structures

April: Words

May: Project Page from Compendium

June: Sea Creatures

July: Americana or Another Roadside Attraction

August: Murals or Graffiti

September: Second Chance

October: Poetry

November: Music or Musical Instruments

December: Holiday Cards

2018 Exchange Themes

2015 Exchange Themes

2014 Exchange Themes

January: Make a book from a single sheet of paper

February: Valentines

March: Geometric Shapes

April: Things with Wings

May: Trees

June: Flag Book Structure



September: Second Chance

October: Body Parts

November: Ephemera

December: Holiday Cards

2013 Exchange Themes

January: No Exchange

February: Valentines

March: numbers

April: pop-ups

May: quotations

June: alphabet

July: compendium project

August: mixed media

September: Second Chance

October: fairy tales

November: matchbox books

December: Holiday Cards

2012 Exchange Themes

January: Bucket List

February: Valentines

March: Texture

April: Transportation

May: Foundations

June: Guidebook to a favorite place

July: travels of the mind

August: architecture

September: Second Chance

October: Fall (Autumn)

November: music

December: Holiday Cards

2011 Exchange Themes

January: Weather

February: Valentines

March: Nature

April: Advice to My Younger Self

May: Miniature Books

June: Vintage

July: Surface Design

August: Sculptural Books

September: Second Chance

October: Collage

November: Book Made Without Glue

December: Holiday Cards

2010 Exchange Themes

June: Book Made of Hardware Store Material

July: Petroglyphs

August: Altered Realities

September: Second Chance

October: Recycled Materials

November: Books With a Surprise

December: Holiday Card Exchange

More Past Exchanges

Link to an Acrobat PDF file containing a list of themes from past exchanges.